Who We Are

We are a small business located in Oakland, CA that has been proudly owned and operated by Monica Jackson, a women of color. We serve healthier alternatives so that you can satisfy your sweet tooth without extra guilt.

All of our Brittle is handcrafted with simple, readily identifiable ingredients. Everything is Gluten-Free, and our Brittle NEVER Contains ANY Corn Syrup.

We use naturally fermented brown rice syrup because it is glucose-based, and easier for your liver to break down than other sugars, especially corn syrup.

Our Pecan flavors are handcrafted with Coconut Oil, rather than butter. Most people’s taste buds can’t tell the difference, but your body will thank you in the long run for eating less fats.

We believe that the ingredients on the back of your bag should be easily identifiable. Just because you are having sweets doesn’t mean you have to comprise. Satisfy your cravings with a sounder sweet!